What Are Good Youtube Ideas For a Beauty Guru?

By Victoria - July 30, 2018

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 What Are Good Youtube Ideas For a Beauty Guru?

A list of YOUTUBE videos ideas for August 

If you're an inspiring YouTuber or a veteran, then you know how hard it is to get fresh new ideas on a daily basis. Some YouTubers either have a mental breakdown or take a long break from their channel. It gets exhausting when every idea has been used up and the YouTube community is saturated. You want to stand out among the crowd. There are consequences when Youtubers can't produce quality content for their subscribers. Even some people are afraid to start a YouTube channel. 


  • Anxiety if their YouTube career is drying up
  • Decrease in subscribers
  • Fans might accuse a loss of authenticity because Youtubers only make clickbait titles and trendy videos
  • Burnout and Mental Breakdown
  • Self-criticism because of the number of haters


  1. #1 Best Foundation For Every Camera Angle
  1. Eyelash Extensions vs Mascara Lashes 
  1. Lipsticks Lip Stain Proof To Comfort Food 
  1. Makeup Products For Hiding Tattoos and Piercings
  1. Hairstyles That Makes Your Dyed Hair Natural
  1. Glamorous Makeup Look That Goes With Any Outfit
  1.  Makeup Hacks To Make Your Face Appear Smaller
  1. Best Sephora Samples For Traveling
  1. Makeup Hacks To Avoid Wrinkles
  1. A Makeup Routine That Saves Time
  1. A Vanity Tour With Links To Organizers
  1. Bathroom Tour with Products For Damaged Hair
  1. Shopping Mall Vlog to Vegan Meal Food Choices
  1. Behind the Scenes Of My Youtube Videos
  1. How To Accomplish All Chores Under 1 Hour
  1. Makeup Mistakes I Make Before Filming A Video
  1. Secret Spots To Put My Camera While Filming in Public
  1. How I Find My Best Angles In Front Of A Camera
  1. My Shopping Routine At Sephora
  1. What I put In My Fridge ( Healthy & Guilty Pleasure)
Basic Video Equipment

1. Ring Light
2. Vlogging Camera with a flip screen only 99.99$
3. iPhone 8 

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