Can Death Trigger Anxiety? Shopping Addiction

By Victoria - July 30, 2018

Can Death Trigger Anxiety? Shopping Addiction

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Pessimistic thoughts, Over thinking, paralyzed fear, insomnia, nihilism philosophy ( what's the point of living if you're going to die tomorrow in the end), fear of common tasks that might lead to a potential accident ( public transportation, hospital visit, vacation trips, dentist or elevator), panic attacks

 RECOMMENDED DEATH BOOKS1. Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the Terror of Death2. Death Anxiety Handbook: Research, Instrumentation, And Application (Death, Education, Aging and Health Care)
3. Beyond Death Anxiety: Achieving Life-Affirming Death Awareness 


In the modern world, we tend to sweep the subject of death under a rug. It makes sense. More people are surpassing the lifespan of their ancestors.  On average, depending of your native country, a human being can live up to eight years old. According to statistics, men died earlier than women due to stress and diseases. Between the age of 18 and 24, millennial are prone to depression.  We hear people dying every day. But we're not directly affected by it. Society associates death as a virtual reality.  Dying people are safely tucked away in hospitals. The lack of community in the modern society ignores the reality of old people living in retirement homes. One day, those people will die due to isolation or a type of disease.


Nobody said that living forever was a good thing. Immortality might even amplify your anxiety because of the financial burden and a burnt out career. Imagine the horror of never retiring in return for a youthful appearance. We're afraid of dying
because it means the end of who we are. We vanish into thin dust. Nobody will remember we existed in the first place.


  •  No control over your life. It tumbling down in pieces. Your lack purpose creates nihilism
  • Low self-esteem creates anxiety. Buying certain brands gives you a perspective of a better version of yourself
  • To forget negative feelings or avoid personal family issues
  • The adrenaline rush of acquiring something new and shiny. You want to have a good time in order to avoid existential questions
  • Boredom= death anxiety. You don't know what to do with your life. So you mindlessly shop online


  • Eating out or a having cup of coffee every day
  • Buying a fancy car ( sports car) to show off
  • Traveling or vacation resorts
  • An unattainable  house with a heavy mortgage 
  • Therapy shopping

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