What Foundations to Buy for Acne and Sensitive Skin

What Foundations to Buy for Acne and Sensitive Skin


Finding the perfect foundation is hard. Rather hard...more like a scavenger hunt which makes it goddamn impossible. For me, I find some foundations only work for certain seasons. Depending on your geographic location, the foundation can suddenly become way too dry for you during the winter. Or, it could your skin becomes naturally more oily during the summer. It essentially important to pick the right shade; you're not going to spend 100$ for two foundations, just because you needed two shades to mix together. There are generally three categories that represent the overall skin tone: yellow tone, pink tone, and cool tones. Let's make give an example: Asians are suited to warm tone foundations, therefore when you go to the makeup store, ask the beauty specialist to find you a yellow tone shade. Don't worry, a lot of Sephora stores have a scan computer to tell which skin type/ tone you have. To make your veins more visible; tie an elastic around your wrist to make it pop.

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 1) MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation 52.00$ CAD

image result MAKE UP FOR EVER foundation
This is one of the most versatile foundations that I have ever tried in my life. It creates a natural medium to full coverage, while not accentuating the dry spots on your problem areas. The HD 4 k technology marketed by the company, really stays true to its word. The photography effect on your skin delivers a flawless result on camera. Your skin doesn't look cakey nor oily at the end of the day. It offers a wide shade of varieties, including the darker shades. I respect their effort for creating many shades catered to their potential customers. ( check out the Tarte Shape foundation scandal on Youtube). I highly recommend this foundation for risky events in which you cannot afford to screw up: wedding day, date night or parents in law meeting(lol). The only thing I'm bothered about is that it can be slightly drying after application. My favorite tip is to use your favorite moisturizer as a primer. Check if your moisturizer contains glycerin; the foundation will glue to your skin longer. SPF causes flashback, so naturally, this foundation contains no SPF. I'm simply saying that if you're an extremely picky buyer. ( no judgment on my part if you're willing to spend 50$ on a mere foundation )

2) Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation 45.00$ CAD

image result Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation
This a foundation worth investing if you have oily to combination skin. Perfect for traveling overseas, you can easily slap this on your face with a beauty blender, leaving a natural matte finish. The only complaint I have for this foundation is the limited shade selection. It mostly offers shades with a rosy undertone. The color I would recommend for people with fair skin with no rosy undertone is the shade Vanilla. People with dark skin should more likely go for other brands such as Makeup Forever. Loyal to its name title, the foundation exudes a slight fragrance of peaches. A playful side to spice up your makeup routine. Unfortunately, people with very sensitive skin can potentially react to its innocent fruity scent. What I like about this foundation is that it leaves a medium coverage and matte finish to the skin. It like an upgrade to your real skin, but an undetectable fuller coverage. This could be your every day staple foundation. 

3) Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation 59.00$ CAD

image result Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation
I would not recommend this foundation for exciting trips or overseas vacations plans. It has a slightly heavy duty packaging. Therefore, the bottle cap might pop open in your suitcase, which can lead to an interesting makeover to your neat folder clothes. Conclusion, this foundation does not work well on a cruise ship. But, besides the turnoff of its domestic personality. the foundation is beautiful for people with redness or chronic rosacea on their skin. It covers all the subtle imperfections (ex: acne scarring), without leaving a cakey finish on the wearer. Its winning point is that it can be worn for all skin types ( oily, normal, sensitive and dry skin). My problem is that it not cover obvious imperfections such protruding pimples. You might need to add polka dots of concealers on your acne. This could be a stunning foundation for a special evening out with your friends or significant other. 

4)Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick 56.00$ CAD

This type of foundation would only be suitable for winter seasons. Even though it gives a very flawless full coverage finish, it cannot hold up in the humidity and hot weather. It might last max 2-3 hours. I would put this foundation in the category of the special occasion. You should definitely purchase it if you have a wedding where all your bridesmaids need a specific flawless look. People with dry skin might hate stick foundation because it clings to their dry areas. However, this foundation manages to transform the cons into suitable pros for every skin type.  The shade selection is also very decent. The darkest shade in their collection would be the color Expresso. ( it has a deep and cool undertone) 


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